Address Signs For Homes, Illuminated and Reflective Address Signs. City of Toronto on New Address Signs Requirements! Order Your Address Signs Online!

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Display of Addresses - City of Toronto wants you to be seen and found!

When your address is clearly visible from the street anyone benefits, emergency vehicles can respond faster, deliveries of goods and services are easily made, and traffic flow improves as drivers can quickly spot an address they are seeking. There are variety of Home and House Address Signs available for your safety. Illuminated Address Signs are also called Lighted Address Signs and Reflective Address Signs are the major categories. Both categories can be labeled 911 Address Signs. Also Address Signs for homes or address sign for houses, however they are also great address sign for apartment buildings. Help others to find you:

  • Post your address with correctly sized numbers ( based on the setback from the curb)
  • Place the numnber near the main entrance of the property.
  • Ensure your address is clearly visible from the street.:
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  • Free the address of visual obstructions like bushes, trees, lawn furniture and signs.
  • Ensure the number stands out from the building or sign it si affixed on
  • Place numbers in a well lit location, or use reflective numbers

The revised minimum sizes for numbers posted on properties will ensure that all emergency responders, delivery services and other visitors can find you. It is responsibility of the property owner to post sized number that is free of obstructions to ensure the address is easily seen and found..

Clearly identified properties lead to faster response times from emergency service vehicles in 2003

  • Toronto's Emergency Medical Medical Service transported 142 000 patients
  • Toronto's Fire Services responded to 9 259 fires and 2081 rescues